New Hexxagon Version

For lack of a better category, I am using Game Ideas.

I just merged a huge Hexxagon rewrite that resulted in some nice improvements and also some things that had to be axed (damn you 5888 bytes of storage space!):

New features:

  • Game now uses an internal map to keep track of the game board.
  • Now after you set up the players and double-click a Blink, you will see a lot of activity while the board is mapped (it is able to map the board with any configuration you may be able to come up with). It kinda looks like something that uses a lot of power is happening and then power is restored. It is almost worth the extra time you have to wait :wink:
  • With the change above the game is a lot snappier and there is no possibility of it getting stuck in a weird state as everything happens fully asynchronously so there is no global state synchronization needed (before there was some needed).
  • On a player turn, it is able to known if a position can be moved and will only pulse positions that can. This makes it easier to play on bigger boards.
  • It also know if a player has any pieces that can be moved and will auto-pass the turn if the player has not. No more double-click to pass. A nice side-effect is that a player can not skip their turn now simply because any moves would put it in an unfavorable position. Playing your turn (if possible) is now non-optional.
  • The groundwork for the Hexxagon AI (coming soon!) is in and an external blink is now able to select origin, target and confirm a move. For it to work in a completely seamless way I will need to find more space to add some more code.
  • Brand new color for empty Blinks. Goodbye orange and hello yellowish. :slight_smile: Thanks to @gpvillamil for the suggestion and figuring out a nice color. This improves contrast with player colors by a lot.

Now what had to be removed due to space constraints:

  • No more self-destruct. It always looked like a gimmick to me as I could not find a single instance during an actual play where it would be useful to anything else other than getting some player really mad at you. :slight_smile: Still, if for some miracle I can find the space (but see above there are other priorities), I will add it back.
  • Lightning animation during takeover of a Blink is gone. It was neat but served no gameplay purpose, took a considerable amount of space and was very subtle. Still I kept it behind a define and might add it back at some point (again, if I can free enough space to do everything I want).
  • The maximum number of Blinks the game supports is 85. Down from 256.

Now go and test it out if you can as I am sure there will be issues to fix. If you do, let me know what you think of the changes.


I updated my automatic installers with the new version. As long as you have a dev kit that is already setup and working, you just need to unpack the file for your platform and run it. Make sure you either have the publisher connected to a Blink when you do or you have the dev kit Blink connected.


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Looks great, the setup animation is very exciting and nicely fills in a pause! The game feels more crisp now.

I was surprised to see that you can jump over “empty” spots, ie. when you leave a hole in the board, but that seems reasonable.

I had an issue compiling it, because I forgot the -recurse option when cloning… All works perfectly now.

Well, you can move to any blink up to 2 spaces away from you. One of the spaces being a hole is not relevant. In fact, a considerable amount of code is there just to deal with this (and is what makes this game interesting from a code perspective).

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Hexxagon has been updated again. The biggest change is that it works perfectly now (famous last words). :slight_smile: The automatic installers have been updated.


If anyone with a dev kit hasn’t played this game yet, you should!

Now I need to figure out how my 7yo keeps beating me.


I just realized by website was down so the installers were not accessible. They should be now.