Opened my Dev Kit after 4 years

So I received a dev kit a few years ago. And never got round to opening it… for reasons :person_shrugging:

Anyway, this weekend, I finally got back to it and am having a blast playing with it, experimenting, reading the forums…

One question (so far). There is a stack of plastic hexagons taped together and no indication of what they are for (see picture below). I’m assuming they get inserted under the covers – perhaps they diffuse the light somewhat.

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Hi @mmb,

Welcome and love that you finally had a chance to break out your Blinks dev-kit. It feels like a lifetime ago that we hand assembled and sent that version into the world, so it is such a delight to see that artifact here. You are 100% spot on, this is prior to our commercial Blinks design coming into existence and we wanted this Beta developer’s kit to be able to simulate the diffusion of the light on the commercial Blinks. It does go underneath the silicone tops, however, I must note that it is a far cry from looking/feeling like the experience with Blinks. With this version of the Blinks, I have some myself :slight_smile:, I prefer to use them tops off for development, mostly because the clickiness of the sides is much closer to the actual Blinks and the communication between Blinks is more reliable.

All that said, let us know how they are working for you and would love to see some new games booted up on the older Blinks (btw, I believe that was from a time before Blinks could teach each other, so definitely update each of your dev-Blinks so that they can simply learn from each other.


Oh, and i forgot to mentions, those two diffusers are lasercut with a hole for the serial Blinks, of which I believe you may have 2 :metal:

Thanks for the reply. So far they seem to be working fairly well and usually they seem to be able to teach each other. Sometimes things seem a little odd but I haven’t really been going about this methodically, so I’m not sure that I have anything useful to report – at least for now.

Putting the diffusers (for lack of a better word) under the tops has a reasonably nice look, but like you mentioned, it’s a little more convenient to work with them without the tops at all.

Maybe this weekend I’ll have a chance to post some pix and/or vids.


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