(Party) Game Idea: Spoons for Blinks

I’ve seen several people mentioning spoons about the non blinks party games and even though it’s been about 15 years since I last played it, I remember it beeing realy fun. And last night I had an idea how a blinks version could look like.

Number of Blinks: Min. 2 Blinks per Player / Max. 4 Blinks per Player -1

So if you have only a few Blinks (2 Blinks per player) you can play this game with spoons for the spoons and pen and paper for score count. If you have a few more (3 Blinks per player -1) you could use Blinks for Spoons and pen and paper for scores OR (3 Blinks per Player) use Spoons for Spoons and Blinks for score counting. If you have many Blinks (4 Blinks per Player -1) you can use Blinks for all of it.

Setup: So after installing the game every player will take two Blinks. Blinks are in „spoon“-mode at the beginning, just displaying a single color (I imagine them yellow). Long pressing a spoon-blink will turn it into the players personal blink. (I call them house blinks). Double clicking a spoon blink will turn it into a wandering Blink.

House Blinks will display one of six colors randomly on every face, while the wandering Blinks only show a single color on one face. When you connect your house Blink to the colored face of the wandering blink, the faces will swap colors.

Gameplay: Every Player starts with their random colored house Blink and a wandering Blink with one colored face. When the game starts they can connect the house Blink to the wandering Blink to swap their colors, therefore taking the color of the wandering Blink for themself. Then giving the wandering Blink to the next Player (face down) and taking the wandering Blink of their other neighbor.

The goal of course is to collect 6 of the same color on all the faces of the house Blink. The player achiving that first will take one of the center Blinks (or Spoons) wich then opens to take one to every player with the player ending up spoonless to get a point.

Single Blinks could serve as point counters. With a single click adding a red face to the point-Blink. The first Player with an all red point-Blink loosing.

(For pen an paper I thought instead of spelling H.O.R.S.E for negative points you could as well spell B.L.I.N.K wich ended up as working title for me, but only because I had no other idea so far.)

During the game all players should try to play at the same pace, so the wandering blinks won’t pile up on one player. Of course you can also just pretend to connect the wandering Blink you got to your house Blink and not taking it’s color. But maybe there should be some sort of rerolling rule for the colors on the wandering Blinks, as the game could be stuck, depending on the number of players or the colors they choose to go for at the beginning. So double clicking the wandering Blink again would make it show a different color on it’s single face. But that option should be limited, so you can only do it once before you connected or something like that.

For the six possible colors I thought that yellow, pink, blue, green, purple and white might be the best options for not mistaking one color for another.