Pawn: Everything Must Go!

A fun little push your luck style minigame with simple code and some light strategy in turn management.

To do:
Balance for number of blinks. Having 6 options for color with only six blinks makes the game almost unplayable. Maybe three options for six blinks and scale from there.

Players: 2+
Blinks: 6+ preferred

You are trying to pawn off your blinks to the public, but if someone else has already pawned off the same color blink you’ll
end up having too much in your inventory.

-Split the blinks up equally between players
-if you have enough, double click and set one or two blinks in the middle of the table for the starting pile.

-Get rid of your blinks before the other players.

-On your turn double click a blink that is alone to change it’s color.
-if there are no blinks in the middle of the table that are the same color as your randomized blink, put your blink in the pile in the middle of the table.
-You may keep taking a single Blink and double clicking to randomize the color until you get a color that is already in the pile in the middle of the table.
-In this case you pick up the blink from the pile and add it to your stack.
-At any point you may choose to end your turn if you have randomized a blink color at least once on your turn.
-If you randomize a Blink and it turns yellow and spins, then it is out of the game, and may be placed aside for the duration.


Updated to include a balancing feature. Click three or more times to set the number of colors for pieces. The options range from 3 to 6. I’ve found that 3 is a good place to start with 6 Blinks. I believe the game would work best with more Blinks though.

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I’d love someone to take a look at the way I’m randomizing and the the way I’m setting the number of options in my code. Not sure why, but it doesn’t consistently work. I’ll get more options than the number of clicks, which I was trying to make impossible.