Presenting: Blinks paper

I present to you - blinks paper!

Print out this PDF and you will get paper with hexes exactly the same size as blinks…

It looks like this…

Why do I put this here? Mostly because it took me 2 fricken hours to make thanks to bugs in both Fusion (units do not work when taking sqrt of a parameter) and Inkscape (DXF imports at wrong scale).


Thank you! I made little paper cut outs of my Blinks a while back to play around with ideas on paper, but this will be so much better to play with.

Thank you @bigjosh this could come in handy for future ideas.
I really understand your pain with Inkscape as I need to use it for drawing parts for cutting on a laser cuter at my makerspace, the best thing I can advise is don’t use DFX exporting in the app as like you say it is off scale, if you search the web there are many good Inkscape to DFX file converters out there.