Programmer not uploading (duplicate?)

This is very possibly a duplicate as I see identical error logs, but just in case there is something wrong with my set-up, here it is. And I doubt there is something wrong with how I have it set up, as I’ve already uploaded many times, but it just crapped out in the last hour and won’t upload anymore.

MAN! I was JUST picking up steam with my first game design… :’(

Oh, and my kit didn’t come with a programmer case, that’s one that I printed and I just opened it up to show all the lights.

Just looking more into it, I was worried it might have been bricked as it flashed red and then wouldn’t even turn on to communicate with other Blinks. I swapped batteries with another Blink just to see if there was an issue with a bad battery cell (but that shouldn’t have anything to do with uploading). Anyway, I got it back to the point where it was “teaching” other blinks, BUT I found out that faces 3 and 4 are no longer communicating. I can teach blinks on all the other faces.

I really don’t want to flash another Blink in case something is wrong with the programmer and then I’m down a Blink that currently works. I’m thinking it’s just a bad Blank, but I don’t want to risk it.

Nice 3D print, looks like we should add some holes so the lights can shine through :bulb: :eyes:


Yes we need to have the holes unless there is away to print light pipes?

With this PLA, you can see the lights anyway. However, I just wanted, for debunking why this issue was happening, to have all the lights showing for the picture.

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