Prototyping games physically with ProtoBlink

Special thanks to @martin awesome idea about having a 3d template to “prototype” games on a manual way.
More info:

Introducing: ProtoBlink v1.

A complete new way of prototyping games for Blinks, for people who don’t know how to code, express your ideas on a physical way!
With ProtoBlink you can even imagine new kind of games that can mix physical and digital!
Also, you can use them Upside-Down To fill gaps between Blinks. (magnets should be reoriented to work)


  • Size: Blinks real size, 100% compatible with Blinks.
  • 6 Color Faces: 8mm wood blocks compatible.
  • Central space for other wood blocks.
  • Connections: 5mm spherical magnets compatible. (6 needed, 12 for stronger connection) Magnets hold in place alone, so no need to worry about them.
  • Storeage: Compatible with SushiRoll (not tested yet, but should be)
  • Easy: One single print for each ProtoBlink, no assembly required.


Printing specs:

  • Material: PLA-ABS
  • Printing time: 50min per ProtoBlink
  • Infill: 15%
  • Layer height: 0.2mm
  • Support: NO (Very important, don’t use supports)

Model pictures:

More pictures:



I’m actually printing a bunch of them, I will upload a video with them working, and the difference between using 6 vs 12 magnets.



Wow! I had thought about improving my little trays by making them more match the size of the blinks, but you took the idea much farther! I even have some of those magnets, so I’m going to print some of these to check out soon!


Are the magnets the same as the ones that make up those desk fiddle toys?

Printed one out and looks great.
Magnets stay in place nice even when flipped over.

With one magnet you can sometimes get it sticking to the wrong magnet on a real blink, but not hard to jostle to get it correct.

I couldn’t get it work work with 2 magnets… they just stuck together. Maybe they need separate area.

Might be neat to have a different version with a peg hole (for mastermind style pieces) But then modification on how the magnets go in would be needed.

For me, two magnets works perfect, but they must be first oriented.

Insert two magnets in one hole, attach to a blink, and now that polarity is correct and aligned with blinks, keep adding magnets. That worked for me :grinning:

I did it that way also because that way you can choose between one/two magnets, but maybe there is a better way to do the internal chambers to arrange the magnets.

If someone has any idea, just tell me!

Edit: @boardgamebrewer I can have a peg hole near the magnet hole, but in my experience working with small holes in 3D printing is difficult to achieve. Anyway I don’t have that kind of pegs to check the size and try it :expressionless:

I printed one, and it matches the size of the Blinks very well! I put some magnets in there, and that works okay too. (I’m afraid to put more than one in, as it seems like giving them room to move around might be important.)

I do have one complaint though: my 1 cm cubes do not fit in the holes. Calipers read 8.8 or 8.9 mm. (The 1 cm cubes I have are very regular at 9.9 mm.) In your pictures, you’ve got some wood cubes. I’m willing to bet they are smaller than 1cm.

Yep, they are smaller. Because I did a 2mm radius on the whole object, there is no enough space for 10mm holes, but let me try something and I will upload an alternative version for 10mm cubes.

Hey @martin

I’ve updated thingiverse with a 10mm version, is kind of weird but there is no space in the blink size, give it a try and tell me if it works for you!

I dont have 10mm cubes to try :upside_down_face:

Appreciate it! I did also try remixing my own version, and yeah, it didn’t seem like there would be room for full 10 mm cube slots. Did you have to make the model bigger than a standard blink size to accommodate the larger hole size?

Same size.

Print it and try it :wink:


The cubes are tight, but they fit! Very cool, thanks @Confus3d!!!