Raspberry Pi low power Devkit System

If we can take a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 running the Raspbian OS add Arduino IDE via APT, add the user to the dialout group to give them USB access to Blinks Devkit and then install the Blinks SDK. I think it would work well as a sub $150 Devkit computer.

I will experiment and see what can be done, I foresee a few problems along the way but these surely can be overcame with a little Linux craft. I think install.sh script would work for the initial install and Dev setup but then keeping the system updated will require another script, maybe it can be automated via SystemD or Init if raspberry Pi has not migrated to System D just yet.


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Below is the start of the install script, I am stuck on the best way to proceed should I git clone the github or wget the zip file. Normally I would just use git clone.


if [ whoami != root ]; then
echo Please run this script as root or using sudo

echo “Updating Linux please wait”
sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
echo “Installing Arduino IDE”
sudo apt install arduino git
echo “Adding user Pi to dialout user group”
sudo usermod -a -G dialout pi
echo “Creating folders for Blinks Library”
mkdir ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware
mkdir ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware/Move38-Blinks-Library
mkdir ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware/Move38-Blinks-Library/avr
echo “Downloading Blinks Library for Arduino”

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Been really curious to spend the $70 and see if this old Kano computer kit would do it

I can’t speak from experience but I think within the Raspberry Pi world they are well liked, my setup is a Raspberry Pi 2 B+ and a cobbled together leads and peripherals, A kit might be best way to get started for most people though.

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I will flash my raspberry pi’s SD card with the latest Raspbian image then work some more on the script
later today, then relax later watching Jon and Jamie stream on YT :slight_smile:

I am having trouble setting up the raspberry pi just like I did my Linux system for Blinks SDK I think the SDK install instructions need updating as MAC and Linux file systems are different.

In the end on my Linux x86 64bit box I had to download Arduino IDE and manually setup the library taking the instruction and modifying them for the Linux differences. How likely is it that we can just install the SDK from within the IDE via the library installer in the future? I would be willing to try and help you out the best I can.