Replacement Pogo Pins

I just tried uploading a game concept to a blank (only the second time I’ve done this) and a Pogo Pin broke. I’ve been looking for a replacement pin and this one from Sparkfun seems the right shape / size Pogo Pin w/ Pointed Tip - PRT-09174 - SparkFun Electronics
The issue is that while it only cost $1 shipping of that one tiny pin is $9! I was poking on amazon and found sets of 50-100 pogo pins for about $10 but haven’t found ones that seem like they’d fit. Has anyone found a decent source of pogo pins? I’m ok with spending a few bucks… but $10 for a single pin is a fairly steep price to pay.

Oh. As it happened while uploading it seems to have bricked my blank.
So, follow up question: Is there a way to recover a blank that is showing zero signs of life after a failed upload?

Dan is your best bet here. They might even replace your pogo pin connectors.