Rules Variant of Bomb Brigade

Not sure if this is the right place to post this since it’s just a rules variant of an existing game. Perhaps this has been thought of before and feel free to delete if so.

Anyways, this is a 2 player variant of Bomb Brigade with the arrangement pictured (two bombs surrounded by shields with shared borders between only two shields. Each player is assigned to one bomb and can activate their bomb repeatedly, as quickly as desired. The goal is actually to blow up shields with the winner being the first to blow up three shields. Blown up shields are removed and collected by each player to keep tally of the score. The two middle shields are available to either player. If both middle shields are blown up the arrangement fractures into individual arrangements and the game continues until one player wins by collecting three shields or one player loses by blowing up an empty border. For more of a challenge increase the winning score to 4 or even 5 shields.

That’s it! Have fun!


Nice subversion of the rules! Will have to give this a try when I get another set of 6!