Serial port not selected

Starting out with blink328 dev kit and a bunch of empty blinks. Can’t even get the dev blink to connect correctly to upload the color wheel program. Would like to download some example games to at least play with this toy before attempting to write any code. Strongly regret purchasing this at PAX East. What it says, in case this screen shot doesn’t upload correctly, is "Serial port not selected.
Retry the upload with another serial port?
(dropdown menu with 2 options obviously not correct, then 2 possibly correct options though I’m not holding my breath here). /dev/cu.debug-console
or /dev/cu.wlan-debug

Please advise.

Did you install the driver for USBTinyUSB? Are you uploading using the option Upload using Programmer? If you show the actual error message you get it would be easier for us to help (other than by trying to guess, as I am doing).

Hi @misguidedmom,

Happy to help you through the first upload (after the first, it will be second nature :slight_smile:)

Sometimes the mac version of Arduino likes to think you need a Serial port, which you don’t (this is because the Arduino UNO and other boards use the Serial port to upload). For Blinks, make sure you have selected: Tools → Programmer: Blinks USBtinyISP

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2.55.26 PM

For the USB-connected Developer Blink, you will select Tools → Board: Blink

You shouldn’t need to install a driver on a Mac. Let us know if you try the above, additionally if you enable verbose mode in preferences, we’ll get some more information about what is preventing upload.

Looking forward to getting you up and running!