Some Game Ideas: An overview

As I’ll get my developer tool soon, I wrote down a little more about (most) of my game ideas so far. As I don’t think my favorite (Dungeon) is a good start for a coding-noob, I’ll give my first trys on some other stuff.
This is just a basic overview of my ideas so far, I wrote down to remember. They might not work as intended, but I’m just getting started with blinks and I’m not even sure wat’s possible and what not, but if anyone is interested in (help me) creating one of these, massege me for further details and sketches.

Stray Cat
A game where you are a cat on the streets. Catch pray and avoid humans and dogs. You are save on the roofs, but you don’t know what awaits you, when you get down to hunt.

In this game the blinks aren’t in a thight cluster, but mage to lang streets, that are combined between each other.

Each player has a single blink s/he turns into a cat. The streets are dark untill you connect your cat onto it at some place (getting down from the roofs.) You then can see three blinks wide to each direction. Spot pray and reconnect your cat to catch it or see an enemy coming your way, fastly pull away your cat, so it doesn’t get hurt.

A Squirrils Life
In basic idea similar to Stray cat, but with a diffrent gameplay. Instead of a single blink beeing you character, the squirril is just a little corner, moved around by clicking the blink next to the tree, where it’s sitting. The forrest is a cluster of your choice where you have to collect nuts and avoid predetors, as you prepare for winter.

Playing with Fire
A coop-strategie game based on a board game idea I had as a child and renewed last year, even making a functual prototype. The blinks version would be much simplified. Fire will spread according to wind direction, that will randomly change after each round. Players will command thair people trying to stop the fire with water and counter-fires.

In the original board game players would also have to create fires themselv, as part of the game was to burn down trees. I’m still thinking about the concept of the blinks-version, if there should be something similar, or just random fires appearing at the beginning of the game.

A Tower-Defense like Game. Create paths leading to a town you have to defend. You can place towers as you like, reposition them, as they fight the incoming armys- The towers will level up as they fight the hoards. By repositioning „train“ other towers and place them well to defend your town.

Robot War
A crazy part strategie, part luck/reaction game were you commant a trigger-happy, sort of malfunctioning robot army.

This game only works the way I originaly imagined, when the game is able to recognize two clusters in the beginning and remembers it’s units through movement.
I guess it could work in some sort even if the game can’t remember the units of the diffrent armys, by some sort of coloring or seperating. But it’s a turn-based game were first one player acts with all of his robot-units, than the other.

Befor the game starts each player gets the same number of robot units. Long-press a single blink to turn it into a robot. Single-click through the diffrent robot options and confirm by long-press again to confirm your choice. You can choose whatever robots you like. Each one represented by a diffrent pattern of diffrent colors. Each color stands for one kind of weapon with a diffrent range and sometimes diffrent damage pattern.

The robots will then be clusterd and added to the battelfield. (At this point, when starting the game, it would have to be able to recognize wich robots are clusterd together, putting it into one turn.)
Double click any battelfiel-tile to start the game.
One player will randomly choosed to start. This players robots will slowly puls to show they can move. Clicking one robot will activate it. A robot can move up to 2 tiles. After it’s movement it will shoot. You can skip the movement by clicking the robot again, but you can’t skip the shooting.

In shoot-mode there will be a bright light circeling fast around the robot When the player clicks the robot again, the robot will shoot from this weapon.
A weapon only shoots directly the direction it’s pointed to and will hit whatever is at the point where the weapon hits (depending on it’s type) even if it is a robot of the own army.
After every robot of one player moved (or better shot), it’s the other/next players turn and this army will start pulsing.

An actual flipper with a set bottom line. Play alone try to get as much points as possible, befor you run out of balls, or even play with others in the same field.

The most important part would be the base of the flipper, while the top part can be freely created. The base would also be the center of gravity. Adding another base at the other end of the „machine“ would create a line of gravity change in the middle, allowing two players to play together (maybe even 3 or 4). Diffrent kinds of obstacles can be created, making the „machine“ part, allowing the „ball“ to flip around. I’m just not sure about points and stuff.

There would also be a ball dispenser, with six balls at the start, at the top (or side) of the machine, dispensing one ball by clicking on it (after the ball befor fell through the gap)

Magic Land
Do you know what happend, when you miss a sock out of the washing machiene? Socks really have a hard life. They are always stamped on and when there is a little hole, they are thron away. But there is hope for socks. The magic land behind the washing machine. Try to get your socks in the center of the washing machine so they can escape their desteny. Swim with the torrent, fight the centrifugal force, avoid other clothes, that might push you back and bewahre of sudden swirl changes. Can you reach the center befor you ran out of time? Will you try to get both socks to the middle befor the washing programm ends? Do you concentrate on just one sock and leave the other for a crul fate being useless as a single sock, or will you get both into the promised magic land?

In this game blinks will be clusterd into a hexagon shape in the size of your choice. (Minimum should be 4 lines around the center piece.) The center piece is the socks door to magic land, but at the same time the motor of the washing machine, directing the swirl and the remaining time befor the washing program stops. The closer to the middle, the faster the current gets, making it hard to click the right blinks. Clicking the wrong blinks will cause the sock to fall back again, not being clickeble for two seconds. Randomly other shapes will appear in the water (other clothes), being obstacles for socks or even shove them back. But they can be even used for a socks advantege, keeping them from foating a line back.