Stay At Home Livestream 3/17 @ 2:00 PM EST

Hey All,

@danking222 and @jbobrow are going to be hosting a Livestream on YouTube this Tuesday (Tomorrow) at 2:00 PM EST and we’d love for you to join us. We’ll be sharing new games in development, discussing how games are made and would like for everyone with a developer kit to load the new games on their Blinks with us to play test the games along side us.

Click here for the Livestream

Here are the games we’ll be playing:

  1. Darkball by Che-Wei Wang
  2. Paintbrush by Carole Mertz and Mary McKenzie
  3. Pay Up by Aaron Santiago and Spencer Kee
  4. Group Therapy by Brett Taylor
  5. Overtake by Mark Mayer
  6. Pirates and Lasers by Priscilla McGann, Michael Cooper, Theo Johnson, Ian Cummins
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Would love to watch this. It is 3/17 at 2:04 EST and I am getting:
Video unavailable
This video is private.
when I try to go to the live stream link

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The link should be fixed now!

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