Stepstones - a simple memory game

Hello Blinks Dev Community,

After being away from programming for two decades, the developer kit made me inspired to pick it up again. Here is one small project I made for my kids after a visit to our local science center where we played an addicting memory game. It consisted of a grid on the floor that for a short while showed a path of green lit squares, which you later had to remember when walking across it to the other side. If you stepped on the wrong square you had to start over again.

This is the Blinks version of the same game. Start by pressing any blink and a path of stepping stones will appear. When the fog has hid the stones again, your task is to “step” (click) on each “stone” (blink) till the end of the path. If you step outside of the path, you fall into the water and have to begin anew.

It seems to work most of the time in this version, but there are bugs I haven’t managed to fix. Thought I´d drop it here anyhow, if someone would like to try it out. Remember it´s made with small kids in mind. An adult will need a lot of blinks to meet a challenging path.



If you tell us what the known bugs are, we might be able to help you fix them.

Well, thanks! The main problem is that sometimes a tile “choses” as the next “stone” a tile that should already signal that it is water, or a face with no tile attached at all. It seems to me that either the resetting of the variables doesn´t work as intended, or that the communication between tiles is flawed somehow. I have tried to set up checks for this, but apparently it still fails sometimes.