Submission Process 2022

Hi folks

I’ve posted this to the website but wanted to add it here too.

How do I submit a game for consideration?

There will be 3 main ways to submit your game for review. Our goal is to be as timely and transparent as possible.

Quarterly Reviews - Forum - (March 15, June 15, Sept 15, & Dec 15)

  • Will host an end of quarter community game jam aligned with these submission dates
  • Beginning of the quarter we will provide a brief with the type of games we are particularly interested in seeing
    • If you have an amazing game that doesn’t match the brief we still want to see it

Community Expedited - Forum

  • Games that have significant community backing will have a chance to be reviewed before the quarterly deadlines
  • If there is a game you love in the forum or discord, let us know


  • Will host game jams and events at schools, conventions, remote, etc throughout the year
  • We love meeting designers in-person and getting to see what you are working on