Tap Craze/Taps or Tug of War

Just got my first set yesterday & my mind is racing.

I’m not a coder or an engineer just a guy with ideas.
Tap Craze is very simple it would being a 2+ player game with paddles on the ends similar to the reactor setup.

Game starts with the power bar blink spinning light in the middle between the players and each player tries to tap the blink faster than their opponent. Your players color extends from the spinning power meter in the middle to your paddle & moves with the power meter that spins in the middle.
The power light indicator moves towards whichever player is tapping the slowest.
Once the bar hits their paddle they lose and the game is over.
Double tap to reset.

It would be cool to play against the blinks if you only had one player.
But I can imagine things you can’t code.


This is pretty simple to implement (I might give it a go) but due to the speed of communication between Blinks, it is possible that your idea does not translate well to actual Blinks (specially if there are a lot of blinks between the center one and the player. I mean, the mechanics work but the gameplay might not be as frantic as one would expect.

Imagining games that one can not code with Blinks is not difficult. The platform has well known limitations but that is a good thing. :slight_smile:

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