The Sketch that Blanks ship with

Everyone in the developer forum is definitely familiar with Blanks, but we think that Blanks are useful for the average consumer as well. You might not even remember what your Blanks shipped with (depending on the version of Blinks/Blanks you received, it was likely different). For the average player of Blinks, they can consider using Blanks as a way to play larger and larger games (i.e. the Go Big and Go Bigger sets).

The sketch here is designed to feel blank but also provide the essence or character of a Blink. I am feeling good about this as this is the code scheduled to ship with the newest batch of Blanks, but would love for you to try it out, kick the tires, let me know what you think. The code contains modes that are not used, but it feels fun to leave them in there. Feels like the right kind of spirit for the Blank :wink:


LGTM. In fact I loved the rotation animation. It would be a great animation instead of the actual seed/sleep animation (although the storage cost would probably not be worth it). Ship it! :slight_smile:

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