Tips to convert a game blink into a dev blink

Inspired by @jbobrow, here is how I converted one of my blinks:

  • The usual do it at your own risk stuff :slight_smile:
  • Carefully remove the silicon off the top.
  • Add 6-pin header, soldering this is easy as it is big enough.
  • Debug serial pads are really tiny. After inserting wire terminals, I just flooded all 4 with solder (short circuiting everything essentially) then used a solder wick to clean it, followed by continuity test.
  • Used heat shrink around wire to keep things neat.
  • Cut small windows in the silicon top to run cables out.
  • Used B-7000 adhesive to glue back the cover. Used some around wires as well - to prevent tension from going down to PCB.

Here is how it look like at the end: