Traductions françaises Guide et Règles / Guide and Rules French translations

Hi there !
Even if Blinks are not easy to find in France (and at an affordable price because of the toll and expedition fees), I’m always proud to make discover this fantastic new way to play games to all my friends… BUT, I’ve got always the same feedback : “Ok, it’s cool, fun and everything and it will be great for me and my children, but does a french version of the starter guide and the rules exist ? It’s to difficult at the moment for them, and I’m not especialy good in english myself…” I thinks it’s maybe the same things for others countries… So I decided to try to translate the maximum of guide and rules in french I can do during my spare time…

Here’s the firsts ones !
Guide de démarrage rapide (Quick Start Guide)

PS : I don’t know if it is the right place to share them as we are on a developper forum… I’ve asked Jonathan if it can be interesting, and apparently it is ! :slight_smile: If it’s not the case, just tell me where is the best place :smiley:
PPS : and sorry if I make some english mistakes… :grimacing:


This is the right place for it. Sounds like a great suggestion…even if it isn’t printed and just available online.