Upload game from dev kit to core or expansion set

Hi, I have my dev kit, my core and my expansion set. I developed a game and works fine in my dev kit but now I want to test the game in all my blinks (core and expansion). I have my dev blink blinking in blue to transfer the game, that transfer is perfect in the rest of dev blinks but never detect the other blinks. How can I transfer my game to all of my blinks?

Thanks so much for the info.

You should not do anything special, just make sure they are all connected together and with the dev kit Blink and are on. Based on your description alone, I guess the problem as that you did not turn on your other Blinks.

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Thanks for the answer. All blinks are on and the dev blinks sync perfect but not the core or expansion blinks.
I tried the reverse way, the core or expansion sync each other but not with dev blinks.
My dev blinks are the first version, the one from the first Kickstarter, maybe i need some blinks update that i did not know?
Thanks so much

The old Blinks are not compatible with the new ones.

But i buy all blinks un the same Kickstarter, i received first the dev blinks and later the other Kits. There si no way i can use My dev blinks at all? Do i have yo Buy them again? Seriouslly?

Just to be clear, you are saying you have 2 sets of Blinks. One is the new prettier one. The other is the older ones with the removable rubber cap. Right? If so, yes, they are incompatible and you can not use the older ones together with the new ones. If that is not what you are saying then I suggest you make a video of your issue because I am out of ideas

Yes, that is what i think i have, when the first Kickstarter opened i backed for dev kit and then I buy core and expansion. Images are attach but I think that is what you say. I think is shocking that my first dev blinks are incompatible with my other blinks, incompatible since the first day I received my core and expansion kit, with one year of difference between dev and core. I have 6 expensive and useless blinks now, great.

Thanks so much.

Yes. You have 2 different sets and they are not compatible.

Unbelievable. Thanks so much

Hi @jkarpago,

I wanted to share some more information about the changes from the Alpha and Beta developer kits that we shipped with the first Kickstarter campaign. I should start by saying that all Blinks are compatible for software and communication. The Blinks are identical in their components and communication and you can upgrade all of your developer Blinks to use the latest updates to the Blinks library.

What @BGA means to communicate is that using original developer Blinks mixed in with the production Blinks is not a compatible experience for play because the magnets are in a different alignment. To allow games to transmit from an original developer Blink to a production Blink, the developer Blink needs to be held down to the table to line up correctly for transmission. This means that you can still use your original Blinks for developing games and transmit games to your production Blinks. Additionally, the developer tool included can be modified to allow you to program any of your production Blinks as well. While we had to make some adjustments to the magnets to make for a great experience with the production Blinks, this does not prohibit the dev blinks or dev tools from allowing you to make or transmit games to each other.

Hope that provides a bit more clarity, happy to help out.

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Thanks so much for the answer @jbobrow.
I just tested what you say about the position of the magnets and with that indications i can sync perfect right now. It is a pity that I cannot use that blinks to play with the others but the sync is perfect.
Thanks and congrats for this great idea, blinks are great.
I hope I can send my game some day and everybody can install in their blinks if it is finally funny.