USBTinyISP is not powering the blinks

Hi there.
Just received my dev kit, and I have an issue with it: the tinyUSB when connected is correctly recognized by my computer, and shows 2 blue leds and one red up. But it does not power the dev blink when I plug it in, and does not power blank blinks when I use the publishing tool.

Anything I can do to further diagnose the issue?

Did you try connecting the cable in the other orientation?

Yes I tried both, same result: no power.

In that case, I would suggest you contact support and let them know about your issue.

and what happen if you put a battery in the dev blink ?

If I put a battery in the dev blink it light up. I tested connectivity on the “dev” small board that forwards the 6 pins and found connectivity issue on some pins. I think that’s the problem. I tested and I get 4.95V at the end of the cable so that part seems good. No idea why I can’t get the publish tool to light up the blank blinks though, tested two of them, and I have power at the end of the publisher tool pins.

Did you remove the plastic cover over the contacts in the blink? In Blanks it is transparent so not very obvious.

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Doh! I can’t believe I missed that. Thank you very much it works! I contacted support about my other issue with the dev blink.

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