Welcome New Members!

Hi all!

I tend to keep a low profile on the internet, but you can call me JP for now (pronouns: he/him).

I’m a professional video game designer, amateur husband, and semi-competent father to two small kids. I’m an avid board game, RPG, and video game player. I also make electronic music when time and creativity allows. I’ve also been in a short-form improv troup and have co-written and co-directed interactive children’s theater.

I’m fairly comfortable with scripting including C#, but am a complete noob when it comes to C++.

Blinks seem like a fun way to tinker around with C++. I think the simple inputs and outputs of the platform will also be a good catalyst for creativity. The released games show a large range of different types of things that can be done.

I’m likely to be asking far more questions than answering them for a while. :smiley:

Glad to be here! Looking forward to working with everyone (read: bugging smarter people for help!). :wink:



Hi, all!
I am Steve, and I am a Computer Engineering student with a growing interest in hardware/software interactions. Past projects have been communication in a self driving golf cart and competitive programming. I love the open source development and unique interactions in Blinks, and I have been shadowing this forum until my dev kit came! My vision for Blinks games to develop involves merging deep strategic choices with an easy entry. Maybe throw in some Mafia social deduction! As an engineer, I want to grow skills in some of the back end (custom libraries), and that will be a learning process! Looking forward to learning and playing Blinks with y’all!