Where can I learn more about "Basic Badge" capabilities?

Hi, I (and thank you) have apparently earned “Basic” status and the message informed me that

…you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as:

  • personal messaging
  • flagging
  • wiki editing
  • the ability to post multiple images and links
    which leads me to ask “There’s a wiki?” :-). I guess I also have not figured out messaging while I am at it.



Great Question! I hadn’t given it any thought until you posted this. You’ll notice on your user page there’s a tab that says badges and the first one will have a link in it.

It leads to this page which explains the trust levels:


Sorry I missed your question about the wiki when I looked intro trust levels. Hmm… excellent question. I haven’t see a Wiki, but my guess is that it’s part of the Discourse package that Move38 isn’t making use of.

Thanks. I have been enjoying playing with my development kit and I will undoubtedly have questions but I have never been one for excessively frequent posting anywhere, so I doubt I will try to achieve anything past my current level :slightly_smiling_face:.



Yet… :wink:

(I believe there are a couple of easter eggs we hid long ago… and now that I think about it, might be 5 hidden badges)

Looking forward to seeing some mystery badges unlocked :rofl:

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