Windows 10 - serial port doesn't exist

Hi, Using Win 10. Following the tutorial but am not able to upload the color wheel. There is power to the blink but I keep getting the error message, the selected serial port does not exist or your board is not connected. Do I need a different driver? The windows link provided is not for windows 10.



Just to be sure, are you using the “Upload Using Programmer” option (as opposed to the “Upload” one)?

I was using the upload button on the top menu, but also tried sketch/upload using programmer. Both came back with the same error.

Are the LEDs on the programmer lit up when it is plugged into the USB port? (My programmer has 2 blue and 1 red)

Do you have “Blinks USBTinyISP” chosen under the “Tools->Programmer” menu in the Arduino IDE?

Yes and Yes.

Does the USBtiny show up in the device manager or does it show unknown device?

It shows as an Unknown device.

I assume I need updated drivers but can’t find them for windows 10. I assume others are using the developer kit with win10.

Did you install these drivers?

They should work on Windows 10 as well.

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Finally got it, thank you. Windows was blocking the download.

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