How to DIY Dev Tools

Did your Move38 dev tools get lost, break, or would you like to develop for Blinks without ordering dev tools from Move38, you totally can :smiley:. To make it nice and easy, here are the 2 items that are really necessary for uploading code to Blinks:

One plugs in as the USB programmer and the other allows you to contact the programming port (ISP) on the Blinks circuit board. The pogo adapter does require some soldering that is worth watching the youtube video of how to do it.

The Move38 comes with our own pogo adapter which has proven less prone to breakage and some additional tools to make things like removing a Blinks protective sticker or a 3D printed jig or case to keep things protected on the go.

There are many alternative ISP programmers that will work with Arduino and therefore Blinks. We are often times able to troubleshoot common hardware quicker than something we don’t actively develop with ourselves.

OOOH I almost forgot, one fun DIY option is to use an Arduino as an ISP programmer. One of the best experiences I had in 2007 was building a breadboard Arduino by myself, it most likely lead to a foolish confidence that something like Blinks were possible.

Happy hacking!

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