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Welcome to the Blinks Discourse Forum! We’ve created this resource as a way for Blinks developers to have a centralized place to to connect, communicate and collaborate!

If you just received your Dev Kit, your first stop should be the Quick Start Guide. It will help you understand the physical contents of your Dev Kit and also contains instructions on how to install the software and drivers you’ll need to develop Blinks games.

You may also want to check out some of the Tutorials or post one of your own! If there’s a function you would like to see incorporated into future releases, add it to the Product Wish List.

If you’ve run into trouble and need solving transfer issues or are curious if others are having a similar problem, head over to the Support category.

If you’re looking for Non-Blinks Chat, check out The Lounge - but be advised you need to be a minumum Level 3 Discourse user, so get that profile filled out!

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