New Game: (F)idget Blink

WidgetFidget Blink.

Game Something for Blinks by Move 38

6 blinks Just ONE blink.

1 player.

As Seen on TV:


  • Click to change game. 
  • Double click to select game. 
  • Hold to return game selection. 
  • 6 available games. 
  • Pick a game & Play. 
  • No more rules provided. 

Not recomended for people with:

  • [x] Mood disorders (such as depression or bipolar disorder)
  • [x] Anxiety disorders
  • [x] Personality disorders
  • [x] Psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia)
  • [x] Trauma-related disorders (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • [x] Substance abuse disorders
Funny Mode OFF:
This Game is more an experiment or a joke than a real Game.
I just wanted to experiment with ONE Blink Games and also test my capacity
into fitting 6 simple and silly games in just one Blink and use it as a Fidget toy.
No comunications, no cool graphics, just ONE blink and clicks.
Actually, everything is at 98% capacity, and, as always, i don't even know if is
working as i don´t have blinks yet to try it propperly.
If you want to give it a try, just load it without reading the code, and try to beat
the mechanics of every game. You can´t win any game, if you fail, the game restarts.
In the selector mode you have a small screenshot of every game (just 6 pixels in B&W)
Just pick one and play, and good luck!
If you want to check the code and help me reducing the size, I have more ideas
to add, but I need at least 10% free space.

Have fun!

I really want to open up the code and see what’s inside, but I also don’t want to ruin the surprise. Rats! I guess I’ll just have to wait the next few painful months until my blinks get here. :cry:

Idk how you do it @Confus3d, I can’t even write a 10-line prototype without testing on a physical blink! I’m dying to try this - such a fun concept and fun execution, and I’m really excited to see how you designed 1-blink games. Will check this out when I can and give you some feedback!

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Feedback is really appreciated, that way I can try and fix it if something doesn’t work!

It should work as all games have a pretty simple mechanics, but sure some of the 6 games has some bugs.

But the thing is, if you find a bug, is it intended? :crazy_face:


Lol good point, I’m not sure how good my feedback will be if I don’t know what to expect, might have to cheat and peek at the source… just a bit :wink:.


Just kidding, if it seems a bug, is a bug :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hey @jrcwest !

I’ve just watched the Livestream and I’m more than happy to see that you’re planning to adopt the idea of the comic strip! Waiting to see the post with the artwork of your last game!

Last artwork was for “The Dragons’ Lair” game and we were really happy with the results :grinning:

Let me know if you had the chance to try “Fidget Blink” or “The Dragon’s Lair”! :wink:


@Confus3d Oh no I think the comic strips are a great trait of your own work :slight_smile: I more meant putting forth more effort into adding general visual aids into my own rule books, like the battery cover art and the instruction diagrams. So far all of mine have just been plain text…

On a side note I forgot to get back to you on Fidget - I had a lot of fun playing around with it and trying to figure out each of the games! The only ones I couldnt really figure out were games 5 and 6 I think… I’ll give more thorough feedback after work and make sure to use spoiler tags so I dont ruin the surprises for others!

EDIT: Also, would it help if I recorded a video of how the blink behaves when I play with it? Since you dont have your set yet I thought it might be useful for you

@jrcwest Anyway I’m waiting to see what you came up with regarding the visuals on your game because the game itself is pretty good!

Just tell me how to put spoiler tags here and I will tell you the games 5 and 6 :wink: Just want to know if there is any bug!

And about the video, I’d love that! That can be reeeeally helpful for me and can give me visual clues about how to improve the game!

Just to let you know, before developing the game, the original idea was 7 games in 1 (I still have my original draws around with 7 games), and I started filling the code one by one until reaching 100%, and the game I didn’t added was pretty close that the first iteration showed today with your game but for one player! (A fidget version of don’t let the light turn off :grin:)

Thanks in advance for your feedback, I really appreciate it!

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Wow! This is incredibly impressive for writing without a Blink to test it on, I’m excited to see how it keeps developing. I just loaded it up and gave it a whirl, I really like this concept and enjoyed figuring out how some of the mechanics worked without looking at the code.

The game I thought was clearest was the one where (I don’t know if this would count as a spoiler but just in case) the green face was being “chased” by the red face and you had to single press to evade it…I really liked that mechanic, it reminded me a bit of a radar scanner

I’d also be happy to record some video of gameplay and send it your way, especially if you’d like to see any specific sequences of presses be tested…there were a couple of transitions between games via long presses that I wasn’t expecting to have happen, not sure if that was intentional in the code or not.


Hi Jacob!

Thanks for the compliments! I don’t have blinks yet but I wanted to start as soon as possible developing some things :grinning:

All the feedback I can get is more than welcome! I’m curious about the “transitions” via long press, cause any of the games have the long press implemented, the one it seems to use one long press, is using a timer instead (3 second long press is on the main loop but just for reset the game and start in the selector) so probably if you didn’t expected it, I’m sure it is a bug!

If any of you can show me that small bugs that is awesome! So I can keep working on it!

Most of my projects are in a kind of sleeping phase cause, I can’t try them, so I don’t know where to start for improving them :laughing:

Hey @Confus3d, sorry it took so long to get this to you! I’ve uploaded a brief video of me play-testing the games (apologies in advance, it seems like it was rotated while filming).

Some of the (potential) bugs I noticed:

  • Sometimes, long pressing from within a game to return to the main menu automatically starts another game. It might be something I’m doing wrong, but it almost seems like a buttonDoubleClicked flag is getting carried over from a game into the main menu? You can spot it happening in the video.

  • Cycling through games sometimes skips number orders. I wasn’t sure if thats intentional or not though, I expected the games to cycle in order from 1-6 then back to 1.

  • Regarding Game #4: The faces you are meant to count sometimes overlap with when the yellow face appears, it can get a little confusing to determine how many faces actually appeared before you are meant to start clicking. Hopefully you can see what I mean at around 2:36 of the video.

I have to agree with @JSpamboni, game #2 is probably my favorite one. One suggestion I would make though - Set a max speed at which the red face can chase you. There eventually is a point where it’s just impossible to evade. .

I still had trouble understanding game #6 and what I thought was game #5 (though I realize now it’s still only 4 faces lit up, 3 consecutive and 1 opposite the center).

Overall though I love the concepts behind this and you’ve done great work to get it this far!

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Oh shit! There are more bugs that I can even count, it seems that the only game that is working 100% as intended is game 2, and now I see it is by far my favourite!

All the games have a pretty simple code, less than 30 lines every game, but even with that simplicity they are all wrong :dizzy_face:

Thank you so much for your video, to tell you the truth, seeing this, I don’t even know how I manage to code other things :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will check the code to see what can I fix :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for trying it!!!


@jrcwest Ok I managed to find the bug in game 1 (when is doing nothing, it should go counterclockwise), I defined a variable with byte but I need it to go under 0! So is an easy fix!

Thank you so much for your video, is super easy to spot all the failures seeing them with colours!

Definitely you can expect some games fixed real soon :grin:

Edit: Game selector should start showing the last game played, that’s why it doesn’t start always in same order!
Edit2: It seems all my ELSE statements are wrong, maybe I’m not using them correctly? :thinking:

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I’ll be glad to record another play test whenever you want to try out some fixes!

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Thank you Jonathan for all your help!

I have a new version, that I think it should fix 4 of the games.

Just to have a reference, this is the selector, so with this image maybe is easier to report bugs!:

In the same order that is on the code, from left to right. If you longpress, it SHOULD go to the same game that was selected (if not, is a bug) and if you click to change game should go in that order, from left to right.

About games:
1 - In your video, sometimes light stop, and it’s because it should go backward, now is corrected (I still used a byte because is smaller =D) Also, if you wrong press at any point, it should stay red for one second
2 - It was on an infinite loop generating random numbers, now it should work, try to beat the game!
3 - It was increasing speed and levels randomly!! now it should work. Try to beat it!
4 - Thisone was working and is awesome, by far my favourite one!, i want to limit the max speed but need to save some space first, i’m at 98%.
5 - This game is similar to game 2, also with the same bug, now it should work
6 - It was working as intended, you have to jump to yellow tiles and avoid the red glow that spin and increase the speed at every jump, but, for some reason, when code do a full lap to the blink, the glow starts going backwards! I havent been able to locate the bug as, for me, the code is ok, BUT anyway i tried to write it with a different sintaxys so maybe now is working. But again, i didn’t changed anything, so i don’t really know why is doing that :thinking:

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Hey there @Confus3d, sorry it took me so long to get around to this!

Here is a play through of v1.2. I still had a little trouble figuring out a few of the games, but Im unsure if it’s die to bugs or just that I didn’t put the right pieces together in my head. Namely, I think I was having trouble with games #2, #3, and #5, going by the order you mentioned in your last post.

Overall though the other games are playing great :slight_smile:

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Hey @jrcwest !

Thank you so much for giving it a try!

I’m not 100% sure BUT I think you didn’t managed to find the solution for games 2 and 5 :wink:

Game 3 is wrong, you should do the opposite, but it seems that lights don’t turn on with your click :thinking: I should check that!

And game 6 is again doing it!! After one full lap, the red animation swap places! I don’t know why, it’s reeealy weird. I checked the code and I couldn’t figure out why :dizzy_face:

But definitely I’m sooo close to finish the game!!!

Also selector is again carrying a click, I don’t know why is doing it, but definitely I can fix it with a timer or something like that :grin:

Wait to see V3 real soon! And try to beat 2 and 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for trying it! The videos are super useful for me!

EDIT: Fixed game 3 and also fixed game 5 (i think you didn’t figured out but anyway there was a bug :upside_down_face:)
Also fixed game 6 (I changed the graphics) and fixed selector.

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I had a feeling I just wasn’t getting those yet… I’ll give them another spin today and see if I can figure them out :wink:

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They are very similar.

For game 2 I implemented something really crazy that I’m not completely sure if is working.
Game 5 is easier to guess I think.

Just give it another try with the last version and I will tell you the answer if you don’t find it :wink:

Actually that two games are the longer ones! You can have a really long play with that two games!