New to Blinks, Game Idea

Hi all!

I am very new to Blinks, I only discovered them yesterday when my wife told me she had found what she wants for Christmas. Since seeing them my mind has been abuzz and I have come up with a quick game idea. I have zero programming experience so I don’t know how hard this will be to pull off.

I am totally new to the community so I’m not sure if this is a normal kind of post, but I guess I am looking for 3 things:

  1. Has someone already made a game along this idea?
  2. Does this seem like a game others would be interested in?
  3. Can someone with programming experience give me an idea how difficult this game would be for a total novice to make?

So, onto the general game idea!
It is a push your luck style game themed around mining and exploring a cave. The cluster of blinks represents a section of cave wall. All blinks start blank and one is randomly a hazard while the others contain gems. You click a blink to reveal what it contains. After revealing each blink you have the option to bank points and reset wall or continue. As you continue the likelihood of high point gems increases (first choice will only reveal low level gems, but as you go one the chance of high value gems is greater) and the chance of picking the hazard increases (simply going from a 1 in 8 chance of being picked to a 1 in 7 chance and so on).

I hope that all makes sense. I look forward to any questions and responses!


That would actually be trivial to implement for an experienced programmer but should be relatively easy anyway for someone that at least knows the basics of programming. If you want to give it a go yourself and have the dev kit, I would be willing to help you get up to speed (unfortunately I have too many projects going on right now to be able to take another one).


This looks a bit like minesweeper. Is there a blinks implementation of minesweeper? If not, I may be willing to try it. I’m also new to blinks and arduino programming.


Sounds like the boardgame Diamant or Incan Gold

I made a digital version of this for the Intellivision called Dwarven Mine

Welcome Ben!

This sounds like a good challenging project.

As for the difficulty for a total novice to programmer, that’s where it might be a bit too challenging right out the gate at least. Getting all of the Blinks to talk to each other and update their own point values based on how many you’ve already activated is the tougher part.

I advise starting with some of the tutorials here: - especially the Communication and Safely Sending Signals.

If you have a Dev Kit, one the best ways to learn is to open up an existing project’s code and reverse engineer how they do it:

  1. Go here first to install Arduino and set the environment up on your computer: Welcome Dev Kit v.10.2020

  2. Once set up, inside of Arduino go to File > Examples > Getting Started / Getting Practical / Getting Playful.

  3. Peruse through the existing code to your heart’s content.

Programming can be overwhelming at first, but you can totally learn it! The best part about Blinks is that you can get something pretty awesome working in just one script and a few lines of code. Start SMALL! Get one small feature to work at a time, and then build from there.

Minesweeper for Blinks is something that I’ve heard some people talk about before. Because information can be hidden and distributed, a game like this is fits perfectly.

Tip Toe Valcono in the Epic Adventure pack has this hidden information mechanic but is controlled by the players instead of the game. Battle Balloons is similar in that regard:

Let us know how it’s working out!