Reviewing Games in the Forum

Hi Folks

I am reviewing games from the forum but it’s a bit challenging to know what games are still active. If you would like your game to be reviewed either respond to this thread with a link to your forum post or just add a comment to your forum post so it bubbles up into recent activity.


I have severel ideas I’d still like to work with, but as I can’t code and don’t really find the right way to learn C++ for Blinks (and also lack of time trying to learn code lately), I can’t really do anything about it by myself.
I made 3 threats about ideas. An overview with all ideas I had initally when I got my dev-kit:

My favorite idea, but pretty complicated, I guess:

And maybe me second to third favorite, I already had very precise Ideas on how it could work:

I also had a few simpler ideas, mostly lately I didn’t write anything down so far. I always hoped to start with a simple idea if (and when) I manage to learn how to.

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Cool. Will check these out.

Hi Ryan,

Here’s a list of the projects I’ve released to the forums so far. They’re in different states of completion. (Not including Dispel since that has been published.)

A sandbox life simulation where you grow plants and critters. A bit hampered by running out of code/data storage, but I’m still quite proud with how much I managed to squeeze in. There are other forum topics I made while working on it, but the above is the latest.

Color Picker
Created so I could experiment with colors in real-time. I’ve recently had an idea on fleshing this out and creating a full paint program that would let players draw what they want on their tiles.

I started this dungeon crawler for the 7DRL (7-Day Roguelike) game jam, but didn’t finish in seven days. I got to the point where you can move the player around, encounter rats, and pick up objects. I forget why I abandoned it, but I’m tempted to go back and see what I can do with it now that I’ve had some time away.

Sushi Boats
This game is about satisfying customer sushi orders by adding ingredients to plates as they go by on a track. I got the basics working, but it wasn’t super fun and I foresaw a bunch of tricky corner cases so I kind of left it.

Just posted this and I’m super excited about it. Use your player tile to cast lines into the lake and catch fish. The basics are there, but still lots to do.

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I once saw the post about the dungeon crawler, when I tried to look up if there was already an idea like the dungeon game I had in mind. It was a really cool idea, I was sad it didn’t go further, as I still think there should be more single player games

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