What code ships with Blinks? Mortals?

Out of curiosity, what is the code that Blinks ship with?

Is it the Mortals game?

At least in the case of my Beta Dev Kit, it’s DevKitDemo:

Hey @gpvillamil,

Great question. @Qeyleb is correct that your developer kits got a special sketch from us here that demos different capabilities of the Blinks with single click, double click, long press and it is our Dev Kit Demo :slight_smile: People like it so much we are thinking of including it with one of the sets. (Name pending is “Zenflow” what do you think?)

For the commercial Blinks sets, 4 of the 6 initial set have been anounced as: Mortals, Fracture, Berry, Bomb Brigade and we will reveal #5 and #6, which we have been play testing internally quite heavily. Additionally, we are working on #7-12 to go on the social packs, and think those games (and game accessories… more on that when we reveal) are equally exciting. You can probably get a good idea of each of the games coming together by checking out the games in progress thread. :wink:

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That’s great, thank you! I quite like that behavior and wanted to be sure that I could restore it.